Apple iPad Event 2024 to be less than 1-hour

Usually, Apple events are long and glamorous but the one to be held tomorrow will be interesting. Rumor has it that the Apple iPad event is going to be about 35-40 minutes, making it the first iPad event to be less than 1-hour. 

ipad 2024

Apple will be releasing the new iPad 9th generation that will still have the smaller 10.2” display and a physical home button. 

Then, there will be iPad 10 with 10.9” display and no physical home button. Following it will be iPad mini 6 with 8.3” panel. There will be iPad Air 11” and 12.9” versions will upgraded Apple M2 chips. 

And the top dogs, iPad Pro 11” and 12.9” will get Apple M4 processors, making them as powerful as the MacBook Air and Pro that have the same processor. 

Apple is also expected to unleash the new Magic Keyboard. I hope they don’t increase its price though. It currently costs a whopping $350, making it more expensive than almost all mechanical keyboards for Macs and PCs. 

A new, upgraded Apple Pencil is also on the cards. This one will add support for haptic feedback and a new squeeze gesture. Nifty.