Transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer


Most of uses know that there is special function in Apple devices based on iOS 5 operational system. The name of this function is “voice memos” which can help iPhone devices control voice recorders. In most of situations, users can record voice messages or voice memos with the function same as recording pen. But the thing is how to upload the voice memos and transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer? In fact, there are two solutions for users to perform.


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Exclusive ‘Tips & Tricks’ pages launched by Apple for iPhone 4S, 5S & 5C

Many of the iPhone users may not be able to catch up with the features of their phones and now that iOS 7 has come into place, you might want to explore what exactly you can do with your phones. So, Apple has launched an exclusive web page titled as ‘Tips and Tricks’ that can be an excellent and quick guide to all your needs.


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Rumors swirling about iPhone 6

Even though iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C haven’t rested properly on the shelves, the rumors of the next generation iPhone are already doing rounds. So, here is what you can expect. The screen size is expected to be bigger: a 4.8 inch screen. This might be possible since research shows that sales of phones with bigger displays have gone up, though Steve Jobs hasn’t been quite a fan of such displays.


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