Apple M4 benchmarks shows its supremacy over Intel and Qualcomm laptops and tablets

apple m4 benchmark

Apple M4 made its debut with the iPad Pro M4 tablet but it is an obvious fact it will be using it in the upcoming laptops and desktop computers. But since the tablet is already out, some were able to benchmark the Apple M4 and results are out of this world. 

Using geekbench, a user was able to get a single core score of 3824 and multi-core score of 14748 – both of which are the highest ever till date. These are unheard of in the Intel and Qualcomm world and we doubt either of these chip giants will be able to come up with something that rivals the Apple M4 chip

Unfortunately, on an iPad, it is more of a bragging thing since there are no applications on the app store that would take advantage of Apple M4. In fact, there is nothing the Apple M1 cannot do that Apple M4 can – even speed difference cannot be make out. Remember, M1 is no slouch either and is still more powerful than anything out there. 

While Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite scores in geek bench are almost at par with the Apple M4, it is obliterated in the single core tests that are more important.