Chrome extensions coming to iPad and iPhone

Apple has announced that from now on, third party developers will be able to download extensions on their web browsers. This feature was added in iOS 17.4

chrome extensions ipad

This means, you will be able to download Chrome extensions on iPad and iPhone and same applies for Firefox extensions. The current selection of Safari extensions on iOS is quite limited.

One huge negative on iOS is that you can only download extensions on Safari. On other hand, Firefox and other 3rd party web browsers let you download browser extensions on Android but they have not been able to add similar functionality on iOS until now.

However, all this applies to people living in European union only. This means everyone else, living in US, UK and rest of world will still be stuck with webkit. Keep in mind, browser extensions as they exist on other devices are security nightmares and harvest data. Firefox focus works fine on my iPhone/iPad.

Perhaps that is why Apple has enlisted several program privacy requirements. For instance, the document clearly says that the web browser must block cross-site cookies by default. The user can be shown a message to allow these 3rd party cookies but by default, they are blocked.