Can iPad Magic Keyboard be used on laps?

If you are a Apple MacBook user, you have already been using it on your lap. In fact, I love using my M1 MacBook Air on laps since there are no fans at the base – there are no fans whatsoever. But, people say you cannot use a iPad Magic Keyboard since iPad will failover. 

ipad magic keyboard on lap

Well, I have been using my iPad with Magic Keyboard on my lap and I use it lying down in bed as-well-as sitting. Of course, lately I started using it on my lap – but you got to be a little more careful since the iPad is held by a bunch of magnets. 

What is the worst that can happen? The iPad would fall over into 180 degrees flat but if you position your legs properly, you will still be able to catch it. You should not buy Magic Keyboard if you do not want the ability to detach it multiple times in a single day. 

When I am not doing a lot of data entry, I use my iPad for twitter, drawing, news and streaming applications, and during those times, I prefer not using it with Magic Keyboard.