M4 iPad vs M1 iPad

It is investing to note the iPad with Apple M1 processor still smokes the latest Apple A17 Pro chip in terms of peak performance. So, it makes you wonder what does the new M4 iPad do that the M1 iPad cannot do. 

m4 ipad vs m1 ipad

The main limitation here is the iPad OS. On a Mac, that runs Macintosh operating system, there are applications that can make use of the additional power that the M4 offers over previous generation Apple silicon chipsets. The iPad OS is underwhelming and offers no noticeable features over the iPhone version. 

Some users say that they really do not care about the new M4 processor. All they wanted was landscape camera and OLED display, both of which have made an appearance in the latest iPad M4

In short, the only real thing that is new in the new iPad M4 is the OLED display – other than the M4 processor, of course. The Apple M1 processor was already very powerful for almost everyone out there. 

Other important enhancements include the new aluminum keyboard that features function keys and better touchpad and new Apple Pro pencil that offers barrel roll, squeeze and vibration feedback – latter would not matter much if you are not an artist.