Best 5 USB-C hubs for the iPad Pro 2018

iPad Pro 2018 USB-C hub

With the release of new products by Apple and where the Cupertino have updated some of their products to the standard USB-C with or without Thunderbolt 3, it is a good time to recommend some of the many USB hubs that exist in the market. Some of them have great possibilities in terms of expansion, connectivity and energy, so let’s see what they offer us.

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Computer monitors compatible with the iPad Pro 2018

Apple iPad Pro 2018

With the recent presentation of the new model of the Apple iPad Pro 2018, the brand has decided to promote a new monitor that, according to them, would be the perfect complement for their new device. However, being as we are, we have decided today to look for alternatives not so expensive to the LG monitor that Apple recommends. But taking into account that it has to have a high screen resolution, as well as the possibility of receiving image signal through a USB-C connector.

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