Brazil requires Apple to sell iPhone 12s with standard chargers

This year’s iPhone 12, with the charger and earphones removed from the box, is called environmental protection. Although this reason has been relieved by some users, it will cost more for those users who do not have suitable charging equipment on hand.

iphone 12 brazil

According to foreign media reports, Procon-SP, a consumer protection agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has decided to require Apple to attach a charger to the iPhone 12 on the grounds that this is an important part of a mobile device and its removal violates local regulations.

In fact, Apple has responded to Procon-SP before, saying it is the set of reducing carbon emissions. However, Procon-SP took a tough attitude, believing that Apple’s evidence of the benefits of removing the charger for emission reduction was not convincing enough, and its marketing materials did not mention removing the charger.

Although it is only in Sao Paulo, reports say that Brazil is considering consistency at the national level.

Prior to this, France, out of consideration of reducing head radiation, required Apple to continue to provide wired headsets for the iPhone 12. Apple’s approach is to send EarPods in addition to the standard iPhone 12 packaging, and pack it again, very perfunctory.