Transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer

Most of uses know that there is special function in Apple devices based on iOS 5 operational system. The name of this function is “voice memos” which can help iPhone devices control voice recorders. In most of situations, users can record voice messages or voice memos with the function same as recording pen. But the thing is how to upload the voice memos and transfer voice memos from iPhone to computer? In fact, there are two solutions for users to perform.


It has been seen in myriad cases that when using something like waterproof iPhone 6s case, the voice memos are not properly recorded as sound is muffled in a big way. That is why it is suggested to get that best waterproof iPhone 6s case off the phone before recording the voice memos.  Some of the cases that are waterproof often have appropriate holes for recording the sounds just like thin iPhone 6s cases.

Before uploading the voice files to computer from iPhone, uses need to download the professional software to help users operate. The specific software of Coolmsuter iPhone to PC transfer is specialized in transferring voice messages between iPhone and computer. This program has very small volume and size so that it is very convenient for users to keep at hands for coping with voice data at any time. Once the program has been downloaded on users’ computer via USB cable connecting iPhone to their computer, the good looking interface can be found on the screen. From now on, users can use it directly.

The first way is that, if the voice data is not so long, users can select the files from the “share” files and then click the “transferring voice data” in the program interface. The voice data can be found in the computer files after doing so with the same file name. But if the voice file is too long, how should users do next?

coolmuster iphone

It refers to the second solution. The second way is that, if users are unable to transfer voice data via selecting and transferring directly, such as when the iPhone is damaged or missed, users can adopt iTunes back up functions to transfer the voice data. Or users can transfer them even no damage on iPhone because the speed from iTunes back up is much faster than from iPhone itself. It relies on users’ habit of playing Apple devices. The way of connection is same with the first way. Users can start iTunes after connecting iPhone to Mac computer. ITunes system can start automatically on the computer. Users can see the “sync music file” in the music functional bar in the settings. And then go for the item of “including voice memos”. Please pay attention that users need to select these two items at the same time so that the sync processing can be completely finished. Therefore, the music file can be transferred from iTunes back up to users’ computer by now. Once the processing is well done, users can listen to the music from Mac computer after going back home as long as they save the voice messages data in their iPhone.

Although the processing is simple, some green hand users feel it is a little complicated when they select music file from iPhone devices. it is because they are not so familiar with the file list when it is scrolling down. Comparing with the solution, the details can be learned very quickly.