Multitasking Concept Video for Apple iPad

multitasking concept ipad

From MacStories they have wanted to share an interesting concept of the iPadOS user interface that would significantly improve the experience offered by Multitasking for iPad. The current Multitasking system is very powerful, but also complex. Many of the functions are not easy to discover, and some of them require adaptation time to get used to their use.

The next solution that Ryan Christoffel proposes from MacStories would allow us to solve some of the most common problems of Multitasking, as well as provide a much more complete experience.

This iPadOS concept proposes to reimagine access to Multitasking functions without having to completely redesign the system. Currently, when you keep your finger pressed on the icon of an application, a menu appears with a series of options and actions. Well, the concept includes new functions in these menus.

ipad multitasking concept

Thus, when you keep your finger pressed on an application of the Dock of your iPad, functions would be presented that would allow you to open applications on the right side, on the left side (with split screen) or open in Slide Over mode.

On the other hand, in order to obtain a much more advanced Multitasking on the iPad, there could also be an integration with multiple windows of the same application, as well as opening a new window specific content of an application.

There is no doubt that this function that Ryan Christoffel has imagined would delight iPadOS users, who could access Multitasking in a much more efficient, fast and comfortable way. What do you think about this curious concept of iPadOS? Do you usually use Multitasking on your iPad?