iPad to be used as Electronic Flight Bag by Transaero Airline

Electronic Flight Bag used by airlines is synonymous to dematerialization in the stock market. The EFB is now very popular among the airlines to decrease the amount of paper they carry. This weight reduction will lead to higher fuel efficiency and ultimately a safer, cleaner environment. So, how is that possible? This is possible via an iPad application.


The application is MobileFliteDeckPro and some of its features are listed below:

  • Own-Ship Position – Appears on terminal procedures with a Jeppesen-mandated accuracy requirement
  • Off-Map Position Indicator – Available on terminal procedures when own-ship position is activated
  • Airport Diagram – Displayed automatically upon landing
  • Custom Keyboard – Features letters, numbers, and characters needed to enter a flight with a dedicated night theme version
  • Preview Charts Quickly – Speedy access and the ability to add them to your chart clip for easy reference
  • Distance Measurement Tool – At-a-glance distance measurement and, when own-ship is enabled, off-map position distance is automatically calculated
  • Alternate Airports – Ability to enter as many alternate airports as needed

The first airline in Russia to get a permit to use iPads as EFB Class 1 is Transaero Airline, whose employees will be using the MobileFliteDeckPro app.