Best Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to USB-C for iPad Pro

With the release of Apple’s new iPad Pro, many users have seen a new world of possibilities for these devices. But although Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C port for its connection, we must know several parameters when choosing a cable that meets our connection needs so that it does not limit us in any way.

Best Thunderbolt 3 USB-C to USB-C for iPad Pro

To understand much of this article we need to start from a certain theory, there is no other way to understand what we will see later. The main thing is to understand what Thunderbolt 3 is: it is a type of high speed connector designed by Intel that makes use of optical technology to obtain very high speeds for each generation that comes onto the market.

By obtaining very high speeds (Thunderbolt 3 specifically up to 40 Gbps bidirectional ) thanks to the use of two fundamental PCI-Express and DisplayPort protocols:

Another important detail is the number of devices that we can connect at the same time thanks to two factors: the first is that Thunderbolt uses the USB-C connector, giving compatibility to many devices today.

The second factor is that it will be able to transfer up to 100 watts or 20 volts, so we can power multiple devices.

Because of this, not all Thunderbolt 3 cables are the same and there are different versions that we must distinguish.

The main attribute to differentiate them is that the compatible cables have a lightning logo, which logo must also have the device that is on the other end of the cable.

Knowing these details the cables that we are going to recommend will be of proven quality and many of them will have the certificate of Intel in this regard, so they will have available all the previously mentioned features.

Thunderbolt Mantizo 3 Intel Certified EUR 195.52

[Intel Thunderbolt 3 Certificate] Mantizo 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Cable in Black Stand 100 W Charge 6.6 feet for MacBook Pro and Others (not Compatible with USB-C Ports without the Thunderbolt Logo)

Possibly it is the best cable of those that we are going to name in this article, not only for its total compatibility, but for its characteristics and qualities.

Kesoto Thunderbolt 3 Without certification EUR 74.99

KESOTO USB 3.1 Type C Active Cable for Thunderbolt 3 Interface Device 40g 100w 5a

Although it does not have the certification of Intel meets all the features, with full duplex or TBT. The cable is 1 meter only.

Choetech Thunderbolt 3 Intel Certified EUR 49.99

CHOETECH Thunderbolt 3 Cable [Certified] Cable Type C – Active 40Gbps / 100W Charge / 5A / 20V / Support a 5k UHD Screen for 2017 Macbook Pro, 2016 Macbook Pro, LG 5K Ultrafine Display

Another cable certified by Intel but with somewhat less quality than the first, although that is also reflected in the price because it is much lower. If we do not want to spend a lot, it’s a great option. Total length of 2 meters.

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 with certification EUR 79.99

Belkin F2CD085bt2M-BLK – Thunderbolt 3 cable from USB-C to USB-C (40 Gbps, 5K, 100 W, 2 M) Color Black (Certification Thunderbolt)

The Belkin brand, as it could not be otherwise, also has its certified cable with a length of two meters and meets all the qualities we could wish for.


Most users will not need this type of cable, it is fully feasible to use Thunderbolt 3 with a lower performance cable, but when recommending we have thought that it is better to do it from the quality of a good cable that avoids problems or complications.

While it is true that only reaches 20 Gbps and can only offer 60 watts of power, for a user on foot is more than enough.

The choice of cable will depend on our needs, it is not the same to install an external GPU with a dock that connect a mobile to an iMac. So having our priorities clear you can always opt for the best possible purchase.

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