Exclusive ‘Tips & Tricks’ pages launched by Apple for iPhone 4S, 5S & 5C

Many of the iPhone users may not be able to catch up with the features of their phones and now that iOS 7 has come into place, you might want to explore what exactly you can do with your phones. So, Apple has launched an exclusive web page titled as ‘Tips and Tricks’ that can be an excellent and quick guide to all your needs.


iOS 7 features are overwhelming, but only if you know what are they. The page created by Apple is simple and easy to read, and very much free of clutter so that the user can catch the simple, excellent features easily. You can access the tips page here: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S. The pages are categorized under various heads like photography, music, mail, maps, siri, swipe gestures, calendar, settings, compass, etc. Some of the interesting things you can learn is how to print wirelessly, how to create your own list of radio stations and even how you can make audio only calls with Facetime. So, it is definitely worth a read.

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