EveryThink Review

We all take our iPhone with us everywhere we go. So it makes perfect sense to use it as a planner. EveryThink, an iPhone app aims to organize all aspects in such a way that you would not have to exit one app and fire up another – everything is present in one place.

EveryThink Review ipad iphone ipa download

EveryThink is optimized for iOS 7, and works great on iPhone and iPad (the iPad version is called EveryThink HD). Its user interface is very pleasing. You can easily move information from one part of the application to another with just a swipe of a finger. Its developers call it Drag-hover-Drop technology. With it, just long-press on anything and drop it anywhere.

Some of its nifty features include the ability pull information from:

* Evernote – New to EveryThink version 2.2.4 as an additional data repository that people can access directly through the EveryThink App.
* DropBox
* Google Drive
* iPhone / iPad calendar, reminders, contacts, photos and videos
* Facebook

EveryThink Review

Conclusion – EveryThink is the best PIM app out there, bar none. It is unbeatable with its $4.99 price tag. You can download it from here.

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