Tech Armor Apple iPad Air Screen Protector

If you cannot afford the ismooth screen protector for iPad Air, try the $7.95 dollar one from Tech Armor. Features of Tech Armor Apple iPad Air Screen Protector are:

High Definition (HD) Transparency Film that ensures maximum resolution
TruTouch Sensitivity for a natural feel and provides flawless touch screen accuracy
Protects your display from unwanted scratches
repels dust and will reduce signs of daily wear
Made from the highest quality Japanese PET Film with 100 percent Bubble Free Adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed

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Ipad Radar Detector from Cobra – SPX 7800BT

Here is a radar detector that works with your iPad. It is made by Cobra and is called SPX 7800BT. It is All-Band max performance Ultra-Compact LED Radar / Laser Detector. Right now, it is only available via third party website called shophq. Compared to its previous versions, it comes with color display, and its notifications are present on the detector itself. It comes with mounting tools and a power charger for the car as well. 

Ipad Radar Detector

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