IONIC Anti Glare Screen Protector For Ipad Air

If you hate glare, get the IONIC Anti Glare Screen Protector for your iPad Air. It costs just $19.99 $7.85, and is shipped for free. Here are its highlights.

Reducing glare for outdoor use
Soft card and micro fiber cloth included
Perfect compliment for our custom design leather case.

IONIC Anti Glare Screen Protector For Ipad Air

Guards against scratches, smears, dust and dirt, and keeps your LCD screen in perfect condition. Screen protectors provide crystal-clear visibility and do not interfere with touch-screen operation. Anti-glare function helps reducing glare for outdoor use. Each overlay is custom designed to fit, protect, and enhance the performance of your Apple iPad Air. Applied with a mild adhesive, each screen protector will not leave a residue on your screen and can be expected to last for as long as you wish to keep it on.

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