Best iPad Air 2 Keyboards: iPad Air 2 keyboard case – Top keyboard cases for the Apple iPad Air 2

Which is the best iPad Air 2 keyboard case of 2017? If you have ever thought of converting your iPad Air 2 into a productive machine, then the main thing besides having required applications is a keyboard case. Now while there are myriad cases that claim to be the best iPad Air 2 keyboard case, you will be surprised to find some basic glaring omissions in some of them.

The team at iPaded went on hunt to find the best iPad Air 2 keyboard case and while shortlisting the best ones, we kept these things in mind.

Build quality – There are bucketful of Apple iPad Air 2 keyboard case on various shopping websites that are super cheap but most of them are no good. The quality is poor and you’ll soon realize that they won’t even last 10 days. That is why it is important to buy iPad Air 2 keyboard case from a trusted brand.

Ergonomics and key travel – Cheap China made iPad Air 2 keyboard cases do not do any R&D while designing a case because their focus is to make a cheap iPad Air 2 keyboard case and not the best one. Good brands spend thousands of dollars to get ergonomics right. Key placement on a keyboard is extremely important as your typing experience will be hampered if you won’t find the keys at their usual places. Same goes for key travel. If it is too shallow, then you won’t get decent tactile feedback while pressing a key.

Connection type – Most iPad Air 2 keyboard case models connect using Bluetooth connection but some of them make use of lightening port. If you’re planning to use your keyboard with non-iOS devices then it is better to go with iPad Air 2 keyboard case with Bluetooth radio.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 [asa]B00QTDTT5Y[/asa]

Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case
* Extremely thin and light, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is used on both sides of the keyboard for a premium feel and durable screen protection
* Well-spaced keys offer responsive, accurate typing
* Magnets hold tablet in a variety of comfortable viewing angles
* Keyboard auto on/off, Keyboard folds into case for comfortable handheld tablet use, Weighs only 410 grams

Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2[asa]B00QF5MXFY[/asa]

Anker Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2
* Type & Protect: Enjoy more comfortable, efficient typing on your iPad and keep it protected too with this smart folio keyboard case.
* Handheld & Handsfree Modes: iPad snaps to magnetic upright angle for typing and media viewing or lies flat over the keys for handheld use.
* Auto Sleep / Wake: Opening or closing cover triggers iPad’s sleep or wake modes. Keyboard connects automatically (once paired via Bluetooth).
* One of the longest Battery Life: Lasts 6 months between charges (based on 2 hours use a day). Power-saving triggered after 10 minutes idle.

Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-On Keyboard Cover for iPad Air 2 [asa]B00NFOC0K6[/asa]

Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-On
* Slide iPad towards the magnetic clip and it pops up right when you need it. When you’re on the go, strong magnets keep your iPad secured to Ultrathin
* Ultrathin wakes iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it.
* Thin and light keyboard cover for iPad: Made of high-grade aluminum and only 6.4mm thick
* Great typing: Bluetooth keyboard with familiar layout and iOS shortcuts for fast, accurate typing
* Flexible multi-angle stand: Smooth hinge lets you tilt iPad to the perfect viewing angle, just like a laptop screen
* Protective screen cover: Material and finish of magnetic clip-on cover protects your iPad screen when on-the-go
* 2 year battery life: Enjoy a 2 year battery life without have to recharge

ZAGG Folio Case Hinged with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Air 2 [asa]B00PZW9TX2[/asa]

ZAGG Folio Case Hinged
* Featuring a unique hinge design that adjusts through 135°, the Folio holds your iPad at whatever viewing angle is best for you, just like a laptop.
* Stylish: Leather-textured cover protects the iPad and keyboard from dings and scratches while maintaining high fashion
* Ultrathin: The Folio is one of the thinnest keyboards available

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2  [asa]B00Q5CZ0RA[/asa]

Belkin QODE Ultimate Pro
* Improved keyboard layout – same number of keys as a laptop. Rubber feet prevent the keyboard from touching the screen. Backlit keys with 3 brightness levels with Landscape/Portrait modes.
* Magnets hold tablet in two comfortable viewing angles. Detachable case works with the keyboard or by itself. Case is Smart Cover compatible
* Smart-sensing auto on/off technology. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy

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