iOS 7 problems: vanishing icons, poor battery life, security issues and more

The new iPhones continue to sell like hot cakes in various countries, but the disappointing news is that the iOS 7 is not delivering what it promised. After the initial hurdle of security issue fixed by an update, may be there are series of updates required to be given by Apple over numerous issues being faced by its users. One of the prominent ones faced of late is by the sudden vanishing icons of homescreen.


Then there are new issues with iMessage, that seems to have problem in delivering messages. Many others have activation issues, wherein the Apple devices running iOS 7 could not activate because the activation server was temporarily down. Many users want to downgrade their operating system now. Considering other issues like poor WiFi connectivity and battery life, there are numerous fixes that Apple needs to do as soon as possible before it gets a permanent damage. Check out the video below to find out how iOS 7 is vulnerable to online identity theft.

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